To the Editor (The Press), 

In response to Johnny Moore’s opinion piece 'Victoria Street up, High Street struggling'. 

Before Johnny Moore moves into the neighbourhood, a bunch of us, High St office dwellers, would like to update him on what has been happening in the area and more excitingly what is just around the corner.  

Contrary to his claims that “no developers have lined up to kick start the area”, the buildings next door to us, Strange’s and Glendenning Hill, at the corner of High, Lichfield and Manchester Streets were in April the first to open in the core of the CBD. 

Developers Shaun Stockman, Dean Marshall and Grant Marshall of KPI Rothschild laid the foundations for these buildings in September 2012, while the site was still in the red zone.  Two hospitality venues are now up and running between Strange’s and our refurbished heritage building, Bonnington House, with three new restaurant bars from Britomart Hospitality to open this month. Whats more these buildings are now filling up with office workers. 

Stockman and the Marshall brothers are not the only developers who have shown their faith in High St.  Tim Glasson and Warren Bell’s development on the Triangle Centre land will start in August and by late 2016 they say it will be home to ANZ Bank, Beca and another hospitality hub. Towards the other end of the street, three of the historic Duncan’s buildings are being repaired. 

Other upcoming developments in the area include a $70 million six-storey building with offices and shops to be built on the former Hotel Grand Chancellor site; a $100 million retail development on the former Crossing car park; and the former All Seasons Hotel to re-open this year. 

A year ago we might have agreed with Johnny about there being a lack of activity here but in recent months we have been surrounded by an incredibly promising amount of noise and dustThe developers that have shown their faith in the city deserve our support and at the very least our recognition. It might even encourage others to come on board. 

Michele Hider, Hannah McKnight & Katarina Filipe 







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