We've made a bit of noise in the last week with our response to Johnny Moore's column in The Press (3 July) that claimed High Street was struggling compared to Victoria Street. 

In defence of what we see as one of the most promising streets in the CBD, we responded to The Press with a letter to the Editor (printed 8 July), updating Johnny on the commitments made and work already done by developers such as KPI Rothschild, Tim Glasson and Warren Bell. 

Johnny responded today (10 July) acknowledging that he'd neglected to tell people about the good work that is being done in High Street and those who are putting their weight behind it.

He couldn't resist a dig at us for being PR consultants but we are pleased he has improved his communications as the result of our advice. 

We look forward to welcoming him to our street and visiting his new venue 'The Brick Farm'.

AuthorMichele Hider