We’ve recently formed a collaborative, ENGAGE Canterbury, with two other like-minded businesses that are passionate about building strong post-earthquake communities. 

The Priority Communications team is delighted to be part of this group, which also includes Emergency Management Consultancy Ltd and Coaching, Quality Consulting (CQC) Ltd.  Like us EMC and CQC are enthusiastically supporting our region to recover and thrive after the earthquakes.

We’re looking forward to engaging with and getting to know our local communities even better through future work with ENGAGE Canterbury. The Collaborative aims to assist communities to determine what they need for a strong sustainable future and provide them with the right strategies and tools to achieve it.

As a team, we are highly experienced in strategic planning and community engagement. Each of the participating companies also has individual strengths in areas such as community development; communications and marketing; human relations and emergency planning.



AuthorMichele Hider