Jumping off the sky tower in a pink ball gown to launch her new fashion label was a daring stunt from Christchurch fashion designer Wendy Jerard but one that didn’t greatly surprise her friends.  Of course we watched it several times – a screaming fairy of pink tulle hurtling into Auckland’s CBD – but Wendy is not someone to do things by halves. “Dress life to the full” is the motto for her new label and one that fits Wendy perfectly.  

Her bravado in making sure her label “got off to a good start” has been truly outstanding. As an unknown Christchurch designer, she first managed to convince Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel to wear a dress and coat she had made for William and Kate’s visit.  This prompted the start of many stories about her and her upcoming label ‘Frances Jerard’. Then came yesterday’s daring fashion week stunt and this morning’s headlines around the country.  At the same time as hatching her grand marketing plan, she was preparing her collection for fashion week and holding down a fulltime job as a theatre nurse.

Watching these achievements, has been a thoroughly joyful experience and a brilliant reminder of the power of self-belief, determination and knowing your potential market.  Wendy is a talented designer whose bold approach fits well with her desire to dress confident New Zealand women wanting to exude colour and life.  It’s a marketing mix that is sure to translate into sales and I expect has already had many a fearless woman searching the net for her clothes.  To echo another of her friends quoted in today’s Press – “She’s going far – she’s got cheek, she’s got charisma and some of her frocks are just stunning. Can’t wait to see what Wendy Jerard comes up with next!" 



AuthorMichele Hider
CategoriesGreat PR