The launch of a new website for AccessAbility - an organisation that works with disabled people and their families - has been a high point for Priority Communications.

AccessAbility approached us to work on the site, alongside brand and website developers Squiz. Our task was to create entirely new content for the site and develop the information architecture (how the site is organised into sections and pages).

Visit to see the new site.

The challenge: uncharted content territory

We quickly discovered we were headed into uncharted territory. AccessAbility’s new vision and ways of working are so different, from what has previously been done in the disability sector, that there were few places to turn for writing style ideas.

Our biggest challenge was to move away from the embedded language of disability - language that reflects what people are unable to do and focuses on processes, support and services.

The result: a new way of talking about disability

Working closely with staff from AccessAbility, we were able to turn the old language on its head. The new website speaks directly to disabled people, putting them in charge. The focus is on their dreams and goals and the wording is simple, concise and friendly.

People’s stories

A key feature of Squiz’s site design is a homepage grid of photographs that link to people’s stories. We profiled six people for the site and coordinated the photography.

The resulting stories and photos show disabled people who are working towards the life they want, cementing the overall narrative of the site and AccessAbility’s inspirational dream: “disabled people living well, dreaming big and living the life they imagine.”


Our rebranding work included creating content for new brochures, office resources, signage and presentations. Donna Robertson from Robertson Creative applied AccessAbility’s new look to the material.


We also set up a Facebook page and developed a social media strategy and guidelines for AccessAbility. We will work with staff on an ongoing basis to post to this page.


"We are a small- to-medium sized social agency looking for a big impact from our communications dollar and Priority Communications have given us that. 

I set them the challenge of using a new set of language for our new website and communications material.  I did not want to see the words help, support, client or care anywhere. They searched the English speaking electronic world for guidance and found they had to work it out.  We couldn’t be happier with the result! 

They have great technical communications skills – but what has been even more impressive is the manner in which they have been able to understand who we are, and how to work with us effectively.  They have become part of the team and are a real pleasure to work with."

Tony Blackett - Chief Executive at AccessAbility