Having an online presence is essential for any company to do good business in 2017.

You might want to stop and think for a moment about how people would find your company if they couldn’t google your website... yes they might see you on Facebook or hear about you on the radio but your information is likely to be quite superficial and where do you send them for more detail.... your website. Yes we’re back to that again.

Whether you’re big or small, new or old, or selling a product or service – your website will be a critical investment.

To help you take your website from average to awesome, the team at Priority Communications have put together the following tips.

  1. Make it easy to find: Having the right keywords in your web content will help you rank higher in search results. A simple but unique URL will help too – no one wants to spend five minutes typing in a web address, and they also won’t spend five minutes trawling through search results looking for you. Google AdWords is another way of boosting your site – just make sure you’re sending people to good content.
  2. Make it easy to use: You only have to stroll down the street or through a mall to see that people are using their phones all the time. ALL THE TIME. Not only does your website need to be intuitive, but it also needs to be mobile friendly. If it doesn’t work just as well on a little screen, people will quickly swipe left.
  3. Great content should be your top priority: The reason people visit websites is for information – whether that’s written content, video or images. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think about what they want from your website. Short and sweet is key. 
  4. Use high quality images: If you have the budget to hire a photographer, do it. Stock images have their purpose, but there’s nothing like unique, local photos. If your website includes profile photos, make sure they’re professional, consistent and represent your brand.
  5. Ask for help: There’s more to websites than just pasting in some text and photos. If it isn’t your thing, call in an expert. Public Relations agencies, like ourselves, that work with web developers, designers, photographers and videographers are perfect for the job because content is our main focus. A multi-skilled team can build you a website that’s attractive, accessible, easy to navigate and gives your customers the information they need.