Maintaining a strong social media portfolio is a proven way for businesses to stay connected with the people they care about and attract interest from newcomers.

It can even be a powerful recruitment tool as we found late last year, with just one posting on our facebook page attracting more than 700 views and a bundle of job applications. We were spoilt for choice and without spending a cent on advertising recruited a very high quality candidate.

We understand that building a strong profile or using social media for a specific purpose requires some expertise, so we’re more than happy to help.

Social media training and support

Frances Jerard Fashion at Beijing Fashion Week

Recently, Wendy Jerard at Frances Jerard Fashion, asked for our assistance as she prepared for her debut at Beijing Fashion Week.  She wanted to learn the basics of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so that she could keep her customers, friends and family updated during her travels and once she returned home.

Wendy had a million things to do to get ready for her trip, so she needed a short and simple how-to guide. We pulled together some social media instructions and tips that she could read on the plane.

While she was in Beijing, we also helped update her Facebook page and website with colourful photos and interesting posts about what she was seeing and doing in China.

Now back in Christchurch, Wendy has all the tools she needs to take charge of her social media accounts.

Our top five social media tips

1.     Be current

Talk about things that are happening right now - not a week ago.

2.     Be original

Offer your followers something that they can't get anywhere else, i.e. photos, advice, prizes.

3.     Post frequently (but not too often)

Three times a week is a good starting point. Avoid posting more than once or twice a day. Find out what works for your audience i.e. when are they online? When are they most engaged?

4.     Use images

In general, Facebook posts with photos generate more engagement.

5.     Interact with your followers

Keep on top of your comments and private messages. Engage with other people's posts on their pages - they might do the same for you.

AuthorHannah McK