"We wanted to move to an online annual report and asked Priority Communications to investigate ways and means of doing this.

After providing a comprehensive variety of options, we selected a microsite and worked in collaboration with Priority Communications and Guru Digital to develop this. Priority Communications worked very closely with us to ensure the microsite met our requirements. They provided technical support and guidance when requested and ensured the site was provided on time as well as working with staff and members to write the annual report content.

The result was a professional, easy to navigate online report with high quality content that achieved much higher readership than the hard copy books we previously produced."

Georgina Hunter - Marketing and Communications Manager, Pegasus Health

"We are a small-to-medium sized social agency looking for a big impact from our communications dollar and Priority Communications have given us that. 

I set them the challenge of using a new set of language for our new website and communications material.  I did not want to see the words help, support, client or care anywhere. They searched the English speaking electronic world for guidance and found they had to work it out.  We couldn’t be happier with the result! 

They have great technical communications skills – but what has been even more impressive is the manner in which they have been able to understand who we are, and how to work with us effectively.  They have become part of the team and are a real pleasure to work with." 

Tony Blackett - Chief Executive, AccessAbility

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"The team at Priority are skilled in all aspects of what they do. The results are outstanding!"

 Shaun Stockman - Director, KPI Rothschild

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“We wouldn't have been able to make the Holi Festival so popular without the help of Priority Communications. Our audience was well informed with all the information leading up to and after the event because of strategically planned and well executed communications by Priority Communications.”

 Hitesh Sharma - Revel Events / Holi Festival Organiser

“Thank you and 'big hug' to the Priority Communications team for believing in the concept of Christchurch Holi and supporting this epic colourful festival. It was a huge success and we couldn’t have done it without your help and support.” 

                                                                     Sandeep Khanna - Holi Festival Organiser

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“I must say one of the best things that has come out of this campaign has been meeting you guys! You are professional, approachable and bloody good at your job.”

Ashleigh Ogilvie-Lee - CEO and founder, SlapSee