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Priority Communications has a strong client base at a local and national level across a wide variety of agencies, companies and projects. Take a look at some examples of our work below.

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Global Office

We've been working with Christchurch company Global Office to help tell their story, produce a new website, refresh their branding and launch their new look to current and potential clients.

Celebrating its 20th year in business and moving into a new, permanent office in the CBD meant the company needed support to communicate with clients; liaise with media; and keep its social media channels going strong.

Several stories were published about Global Office in the media at the time of its shift to the CBD. With our ongoing support, the company is continuing to achieve strong engagement on social media. 

Start with a Smile Campaign

We were approached by Ashburton District Council in mid 2016 to assist in developing its Start with a Smile (SWAS) campaign.

SWAS aimed to build a more welcoming environment for newcomers and migrants to the Ashburton District. Its focal point was a bright blue smile-shaped couch that was taken to public places, businesses, and schools. Local people were encouraged to sit on the couch, share a smile, and talk with others, particularly those who were new to the district.

Our brief was to use the couch in whatever ways we could to engage the local community, encourage a more welcoming environment for newcomers and migrants in the district, and ultimately see the local community initiating SWAS activities that would last long after the couch had left the district.

SWAS has been an enormously successful campaign in the Ashburton District. Our work included launching the campaign to the community; working with local community leaders; producing and coordinating a wide range of marketing material; liaising with media; and creating a buzz on social media. 


ImagineBetter asked us to help create a new website that would better reflect their work and highlight disabled people achieving their dreams. Their goals were to create a website that was easy to use and could be navigated on all devices by anyone. Our work included working with the web developer and web designer to plan the site. We also interviewed disabled people and their whanau to provide real stories for the site and re-wrote all other content.

SlapSee fundraising campaign

The team at SlapSee came to us halfway through their Kickstarter campaign. Their goal was to raise $50,000 to start producing a new range of polarised, slap-on sunglasses but two weeks into the campaign, and with almost $25,000 pledged, interest began to die out.

We had just under 10 days to help SlapSee reach the target. It was a tight deadline, but we did it! We got media kits out to key lifestyle and business reporters and ramped up SlapSee’s social media activity. We followed up with various media and worked with them to profile the new glasses and their Kiwi inventor. We also explored new social media avenues and substantially increased engagement with the SlapSee Facebook page. Our work led to the campaign picking up speed in its final few days and, finally, exceeding the $50,000 target.

Blackcurrants New Zealand

Blackcurrants New Zealand asked us to help raise awareness of new research into the benefits of NZ blackcurrants on sports performance.

The aim was to make the most of England-based researcher Professor Mark Willems’ visit to New Zealand. Professor Willems’ had found that NZ blackcurrants improved the performance and recovery of cyclists.

To promote his findings and that of other NZ-based blackcurrant researchers, we produced a series of media releases that were not only covered by local daily media but also national media (Spoke Magazine and NZ Road Cyclist Magazine). Best of all, TV One’s Breakfast Show saw the implications this research could have for sportspeople and our local blackcurrant industry and featured a story on the growers, the research and Kiwi athletes who were eating blackcurrant supplements as part of their daily diet.

Pegasus Health's Annual Report

Pegasus Health approached us for support in moving the organisation's annual report from a hard copy to online format. We worked with them and Guru Digital to develop a microsite that would allow visitors to quickly and easily make their way through the Annual Report. We also worked closely with Pegasus Health staff and members to write interesting, engaging content in both 2015 and 2016. Most of the Report's photographs were also taken by us. Once the microsite was developed, we provided technical guidance on how to use the content management system.

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Frances Jerard - Fashion Designer

When Wendy Jerard, of fashion label Frances Jerard, asked us for help with promoting her debut at Vancouver Fashion Week, we knew we were in for a lot of fun! Wendy is such a creative, talented designer and it's always a pleasure to support local businesses.

Wendy needed a hand with updating her website, writing media releases and posting to her social media channels. Working to a tight deadline, we produced two press releases for the organisers of Vancouver Fashion Week to send to Canadian media.

We also edited a promotional video and produced a brief social media guide that Wendy could take with her while travelling, so her customers and fans could be kept up-to-date, no matter where she was.

We were challenged to turn traditional disability-speak on its head for AccessAbility's new website and re-brand. The language used on the site and in AccessAbility's re-branded communications material speaks directly to disabled people, putting them in charge.  We also profiled six people for the website and coordinated new photography. 


Christchurch's Holi Carnival of Colours

We sponsored the city’s first annual Holi celebration on 23 March 2014 at the Pallet Pavilion. Working with Hitesh Sharma and Sandeep Khanna from Revel Events, we spread the word about Holi; got the media interested; and had heaps of fun welcoming more than 1500 people on the day.


KPI Rothschild's new website

Working with Limelight Online and Robertson Creative, we helped prepare KPI Rothschild's new website for go-live. We wrote and edited the content; produced profiles for the KPI team; and assisted with site changes and some imagery.

We also edited KPI's Above Your Space website.

Stranges Building opening

We worked with our client KPI Rothschild to prepare for the official opening of the Stranges Building in April 2014. As well as making sure we had all the right attendees, we produced the background info for the media and others. This included profiling the new tenants; the architect; the building's key features; and its history.  

The opening event was well attended. Prime Minister John Key cut the ribbon in front of a crowd that included many Christchurch officials.

Previous experience

Learn about Director Michele Hider's work on projects including the Canterbury swine flu campaign, CERA Recovery Strategy and Housing New Zealand communications post-earthquake.